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Collaborate with Exact Online My[Firm]

Less paper and faster insight into the operating results

Entrepreneurs who completely outsource their accounting to an accountant often send them traditionally quarterly a shoe box with receipts and invoices. Exact Online My[Firm] digitizes this process and makes it more transparent for both the entrepreneur and the accountant. Data can be processed immediately, so that the accounting is complete and up-to-date and provides a reliable basis for insights into the business operations.

It also improves the collaboration between the SME entrepreneur and the accountant, because the programme can be used to communicate with each other. For Example, with approving a VAT return or with asking for more information. This gives the accountant more time to pay attention to the analysis of the figures and to provide the SME entrepreneur with quick advice.

Simplicity and insight for entrepreneurs

With Exact Online My[Firm], SMEs can send invoices and reminders and manage all their business relationships in one place. The forwarding of receipts, invoices and salary changes to the accountant goes through uploading a photo or attaching a file in an email with the mobile app. It saves the entrepreneur a lot of time and the accounting is immediately updated. The included dashboards give entrepreneurs insight into their operational results and outstanding invoices. Integrated Bank interfaces ensure that payments are made efficiently.

Advantages for the SME entrepreneur:

  • Easy to use;
  • Because you can do a lot of yourself, it saves costs;
  • Together with the accountant working real time in the system;
  • Own server is not needed, because Exact Online is a Cloud solution;
  • No Paper accounting.

The Mobile application is available for Android and iOS smartphones. Exact Online My[Firm] works in combination with Exact for Accountancy, with which accountancy firms manage their customer accounting.

Direct Financial Control is Exact Cloud Accountant certified and can provide the SME entrepreneur with Exact My[Firm] to work together optimally and focused.

Have you become curious and do you want to know how your company can get the benefits with Exact My[Firm]? Please Contact Ad van Dijk, as he will be happy to meet you!, +31(0)6 44412326.