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Tableau a Business analysis tool that helps you understand financial data

As I have written in one of my blogs that the accountant must be a co-pilot, a good analysis tool can help.

Excel is very useful for managing your data. But If you want to get practical insights from your data, then Excel alone is not enough, therefor you need a business analysis tool and a dashboard software application. Tableau is such a tool.


There is a large amount of data in companies. This data is received in separate reports that are often not even used. Financial dashboards are adhoc with detail information tied together to gain insight into the effectiveness and efficiency of the business operations. In Tableau you merge the present data into one tool where the interactive dashboards tell the story about the performance of your company. You can seamlessly toggle between interactive views, graphs, and reports.

Examples of analyses:

  • The lead time of open orders: are the departments concerned aligned or do undesirable work stocks arise?
  • Has the personnel planning been optimal compared to the realised turnover?
  • Predictions of customer behaviour based on historical data and demographic and/or geographic developments.

In case a lot of data is available in Excel, it is possible to generate all kinds of new insights by combining Excel and Tableau. Tableau is designed to link to Excel, which allows you to continue working with spreadsheets and to dive deeper into your data with simple drag and drop analyses.

This allows you to take analysis to a higher level:

  • Connect directly to multiple spreadsheets;
  • Convert your spreadsheets to a dashboard;
  • Quickly identify visual patterns;
  • Dig deeper than your first insights and discover how to tell stories with your data;
  • Share your results online.

In collaboration with network partners, Direct Financial Control has created an interactive demo that shows the possibilities of Tableau.

Have you become curious and do you want to know how Tableau can bring your company forward? Please Contact Ad van Dijk, as we will be happy to meet you!, +31(0)6 44412326.