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The Accountant as co-pilot of the company

The progress of technology and the speed with which companies conduct their business requires a change of the traditional accountant. As a consumer we are accustomed to getting quick information from the various apps on our smartphone. We talk with ease with Siri or Google Now and get immediate answers to what we are looking for. The SME entrepreneur expects simplicity, speed and more depth from his accountant.

It is a fact that the digital transformation must also take place at the traditional advisory and accountancy firms. Using the latest software from, for example, Exactly Online combined with specific software related to his company, it is now possible to quickly process quotations, invoices and receipts.

But this is not enough, the accountant must know the company well, what processes are there and especially what kind of data is available. The focus should be on the future, for the accountant: from preparing the financial statements to interpreting the figures, making predictions and giving strategic advice to the SME entrepreneur.

As an accountant you can make a difference for an SME company. Financial figures can be combined with the figures from the company. More orders also mean more sales and by unlocking sales figures from a sales system, the accountant can make good predictions. Purchasing figures from a production environment makes it possible to monitor the costs very accurately. This ensures that the SME entrepreneur can intervene much more quickly and this makes that the accountant is a real co-pilot.

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