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Keep your accounting simple!

Whether you do your accounting as a freelancer or SME entrepreneur yourself or have it taken care of entirely or partially by your accountant, keep it simple.

Nowadays you can do the entire administration digitally in the Cloud together with your accountant, so that you have 24/7 insight into your financial situation. This allows the accountant to give quick advice on all kinds of matters.

Here are a few simple rules to ensure that you and your accountant quickly have your administration in order:

1. Pay through the bank

Pay all business payments by pin, Ideal or bank transfer. An automatic bank link with your administration of the accounting program gives you quick and adequate insight into your revenues and costs.

2. Separate business from private

Open a business account with your bank for your business and only use it for business payments. When transferring money from business to private, do so with a monthly bank transfer. Avoid payments via the ATM of, for example, the supermarket. This way you keep your business administration organized. The bookkeeper must have the accounting program process all transactions from a bank account. If only business debits have to be processed, the accountant does not need to contact you when in doubt about a business or private payment.

3. Upload receipts immediately in the app of the accounting program

Much is lost looking for the invoices and especially receipts with the bank statements. It requires a little discipline, but make sure that upon receipt you upload it to your app of the accounting program immediately or at the end of the working day.

4. Create your sales invoices in your accounting program

For your sales invoices, use the possibilities of your accounting program to send them to your customers. By using a Word or Excel format there is a chance of making mistakes and you prevent your customers from receiving incorrect invoices.

If you would like advice on setting up your accounting or having it taken care of, please feel free to contact us. For non-Dutch freelancers and SME entrepreneurs, we can provide the entire accounting in English, as well as the annual accounts and tax returns.

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