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Working with budgets.

Working with budgets to check if everything is correct, the results are in line with expectations. Weaknesses and risks become visible. An important condition that up-to-date figures are required for this. Based on a comparison of the actual figures and the budget figures, you can then adjust each month. If the figures are not up-to-date, this is not possible and a budget offers little guidance.

Interest for the entrepreneur

  • More insight into the liquidity of the company
  • The desired financial results have been achieved
  • Better insight into the costs to be incurred
  • Be able to adjust in time
  • Determine the correct cost price
  • More chance of financing (you can show exactly what you are going to do with the borrowed money)

Correct picture

The picture will be distorted if the figures are not complete. The entrepreneur agrees with an accounting firm how an up-to-date and complete picture can be created. The entrepreneur will have to submit his documents on time. The fastest and most accurate way is to deliver this digitally. The accounting firm can process these quickly and the entrepreneur can gain insight with the software made available by the accounting firm, so that better priorities can be set immediately. Real-time insight also helps to obtain the correct data.

Digital accounting

With Digital accounting from Direct Financial Control you can choose for the complete care of your accounting and provide the option to do part of it yourself. Such as making your own sales invoices with software that also has the ability to maintain your customer base and prepare quotations. No hassle with file folders, deliver everything digitally. We work together with highly experienced partners to take care of tax returns and personnel and payroll administration.

If you would like advice on budgeting and setting up your accounting or having it taken care of, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you do the entire accounting yourself, we can monitor online and give advice where necessary. For non-Dutch freelancers and SME entrepreneurs, we can also provide the entire accounting in English, as well as the annual accounts and tax returns. |